New Beginnings…


July 2013

As the sun began to set on December 31st, 2012, having spent
the entire year making one infill plane after another, I found myself
thinking about Dick Kazan, an entrepreneur I had known in Los Angeles some
years back.

Dick spent the last two weeks of each year studying his calendar for the
preceding year and planning the coming year. What had his goals
been as the preceding year began? What had he done to achieve them? More
specifically, did the entries in his calendar show that, without
exception, he had done something each and every week to move himself
closer to one or another of his goals?

Then taking a sheet of paper, he wrote down his goals for the coming year,
ranked them in order of priority, and transferred his results into his daily
calendar. And on New Years Day, he began his pursuit of those goals.

All this came to mind as I finished work on the plane you see here. Why?
Because it occurred to me that I had followed Dick’s example in building this

Was it perfect? Of course not. It was a good plane, in some respects a
very good plane. It cut a fine shaving for example, and it felt good to
the hand. I liked the lines and curves of the sides and I really liked the
shape of the bun.

Most of all, I liked the fact that, having begun the year determined to
learn how to make these things, I ended it having made significant
progress, and I was certain that the next plane I made would turn out
better than this one had.

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