And Sometimes the Imperative Is to Act…

On the theory that in woodworking as in love and war, you must seize the initiative and keep it, I knew what to do as soon as I heard the snakewood crack: figure out what had gone wrong, ask my client for additional wood, and work it carefully.

This is what I saw when I pulled the cracked tote from the body of the plane:



The replacement cant arrived later, weighing in at nearly 13 pounds and bearing a smiley face from my client.


There was only one way to get a tote out of the cant with the proportions I wanted:


Against the odds, my usually-unreliable band saw actually made a decent job of it:


Wary of subjecting the snakewood to the stresses of machinery, I made sure to secure the wood firmly on the table of my mill before drilling:


I roughed out the back of the tote on the band saw, but after that it was all hand work:


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