I make and sell infill handplanes to order, all shaped to fit the hand of the client.

Prices start at $2150 for a No. 3, $2250 for a No. 4, and $2350 for a No. 5, with additional charges to reflect the cost of exotic woods such as rosewood.

For more information, please e-mail me at, including your name, e-mail address and phone number. I will reply promptly.


A No. 5.25 in ebonized English walnut





A No. 3 with an infill of red gum


A No. 4 in black acacia, with a Norris-style adjuster


A No. 4 in black walnut

Juan Vergara No. 4 infill handplane - Copy

A No. 3 in red gum


A No. 4 in black acacia


From left, a No. 5.5 in Brazilian pepperwood, a No. 4 in claro walnut, a No. 4 in blue gum, a No. 3 in cocobolo rosewood, and a No. 3 in black walnut



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